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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 5, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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[ engine revs ] boat protection people love. now, that's progressive. call or click today. tonight on a special edition of "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," a backwards bowler. is he a total weird owe, or has everyone else been doing wrong this entire time? and what did the president think of "red eye" after watching it for the first time last week? >> it is like that movie "groundhog day" except it is not funny. >> and did the president swear he would never miss another episode of "red eye" after giving it a second chance? >> i know it is sounds like i am exaggerating, except i am not. >> none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> pretty good. it is good. i hate him. i mean the guy who made the video, not the president.
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i am not crazy about him either. i'm sorry, jack. jack is black. >> jack black or jack's black? >> jack is black. that was sherrod. >> i played blackjack in a movie. >> jack is the audio guy you worked with for 10 years. he is over here. let's welcome our guests. if you are feeling a little empty tonight it is because he just stole your heart and then ate it because she is a sick, sad woman who eats hearts. i am here with joanne and there is the waive. he has done nothing but sit in the corner and comb his collection of doll hair. it is andy levy in a suit. the jokes were surfboards shirtless men would ride him at the beach. it is sherrod small. >> # red eye, # twitter army. i am killing it with lou daabs. >> and he is so sharp that pins and needles sit on him.
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next to me, loudaabs. named after lou daabs. it is on fox business network. he is author of the book "up, evil." he is pro evil. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> now he is turning just mean. could his next monica be a martian? former president bill clinton, aka, captain cook -- crook cede, talked about if aliens visited earth. when he was in charge he checked to see if they were at large. take a listen, listen takers. >> i had people take a look at the records to make sure there was no alien down there. and people thought that because everybody who works there has to stop about an hour away and
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put on special clothing. that's because a lot of our technology is made there. but there are no aliens there. >> you have to stop an hour away and put on special clothing. that's leak going to his bedroom. if the aliens come to earth to invade it could be the only thing to unite humanity. >> think about all the differences among people on earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader. >> you're right. >> everybody gets together and makes nice. >> you and bill o'reilly would be hiding in a bunker together. >> every mean thing he said about me, i don't care, look at that. >> and think of all of the hot alien trim. last, the former prez revealed details of the top secret program that keeps constant watch of visitors from deep space.
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♪ >> it is not alive. it is dead. i don't like it when they send film of dead animals. it makes me sick. lou, what do you make of the president's strategy for unity? it seems depressing that a horrifying attack that would end in the deaths of billions is a real solution. >> horrifying. i thought he did well with the scenario considering you thought he would have a large glass of gin. he actually knew what he was talking about when he talked about 20 planets being discovered. within all of that he had the basic facts correct. it was where he took us. jay he watched the cosmos on fox. >> he was inspired. >> he probably just watched a show on the history channel.
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>> no, no, no. he just watched "men in black" but not 2 because 2 is a terrible movie. >> 3 is pretty bad. >> i thought it was interesting how into it he was though. >> he has time now. he does have time. hillary is there are certain things he can't do because of his heart. he is watching a lot of tv. that's what i'm thinking. >> and eat fatty foods? >> that's why he is so trim. he looks great. >> he looks great. >> sherrod, i bet you have a theory on this about the alien attack and how important that is for humanity. >> first of all, i can't wait until they attack us. it is going to be awesome. secondly, yeah, we need somebody to collectively hate together. we will tear et up. we'll tear him up. i will kick him in his foreign face. it is for humanity. it is for us. >> your theory is that an alien species or race will unite whites and blacks and pew -- puerto ricans and the japanese. i think they will also hate
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the same people. they will be like -- they will choose different sides. maybe they will hate white people. >> they will definitely hate white people. >> are there different races of aliens? like the ones that look like us -- >> wait what? what are we doing here? joe, what are we doing? >> there could be -- they could have their own prejudices. >> it will be like "district 9". did you see that a? >> i love that movie. i had the writer of "district 9" and he was a jerk. >> he didn't like you jie. what made him a jerk? >> he didn't get that i loved the movie. he thought i was making fun of the movie. >> i didn't like the movie. >> you didn't? >> it was dark and outrageous. >> so am i, lou! >> i don't like you either. >> you described me.
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>> for you it works. >> thank you, sir. >> it is like a candy bar of sherrod. dark and outrageous and slightly nutty. andy, let me get new this conversation. i have a feeling you don't believe clinton and you have ample evidence that aliens visited the earth a number of times. >> i could talk to you about the rep till yens and the tall whites who have been working with the government for years. i can tell you it is funny that bill clinton sits there and says oh there are no aliens in area 51. that's where we work on our stealth technology, as if we didn't get that technology from off worlders. i don't seat point. you will roll your eyes at me and laugh and eat your chinese food dinner and will forget all about it. on the other land, maybe the best evidence the government doesn't have aliens is the fact that there are no little clinton alien hybrids running around. i feel like if clinton knew there were aliens there would be clinton ale a yen high --
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alien hybrids. >> we find aliens somewhere we will eat them and have 6 with them and take -- have six with them and take their resources. >> in that order. here is my theory. it is more of a fact. if there is life out there, the whole miss universe competition has to be changed. that's a lot of graphic design that has to go out the window. >> it would be galaxy? i don't know what is bigger. >> universe is bigger thran the galaxy. >> miss multiple universes. speaking of technology, yes i think there are aliens like the lockness monster and big foot. one of the aliens who taught us a lot about technology was steve jobs. >> you think he is an alien? >> i think he was an alien. >> really? >> yes. >> i think it is time to point something out at home. >> that she is crazy? jay she --
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>> she is making perfect sense to me. in full disclosure, in all seriousness, on my farm in new jersey is the last place big fat was sighted in the state of new jersey. am i telling the truth or am i not? >> i think that was a drunk david gurgen. >> that's not fair because there have been a lot of sightis of drunk david gergin since then. >> he wanders into a barber shop and falls down and gets up and is covered in hair. >> is he ever not drunk? he is always so friendly with every theology and every party. >> he is per miss skew us with with politics. >> that's a fairly big word to use for him. >> can i make one other point before i move on? ale a yens land, say they landed it won't be war. it would be more right. who has more rights? we believe in human rights,
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but what if they are god-like. that means they have more rights than we do. but what if they are stupid, bumbling plants that don't deserve the rights? >> it is like a food chain. where are they? >> when are we? >> you think stupid bumbling plants could travel across the galaxy and land on earth? >> say they weighed a lot and floated down. >> your theory is getting better. >> more believable. >> i have to be honest, i am not prepared to go this deep. >> imagine if they were god-like and they say -- we say welcome. we all treat the world equally. they say yeah, that's fine, but we are better than you are. you are our slaves. >> if they bleed, they gonna get it. that's all i can say. >> that was well done, i thought. >> that was astounding if i may say. >> you just did. it is too late to take it back, lou.
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i think you should have a part in your show -- >> i knew i wouldn't get off easy. >> you can have that for free. >> or find a guy named terry. >> call it the lisa billings rights. >> they are in their 40s and they want to get into your shorties. spring break has a new villain college co eds must be aware of. they are creepy old men and some approaching 40-year-old men. swarms of 30 somethings who couldn't get laid in clemg are going to florida to seduce college chicks. i like my syndicated tv voice. only now they have more money and less hair. one admitted perv describes his approach. "my angle was, this is what it is. i am 10 years older than you, but i like to drink and party too. you wanna go drink bud light or drink champagne"?
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>> smelly lyrics. >> there may be a third option. we asked one of the men to comment. >> a little too young for my taste. sherrod, is this from the perspective of a 35-year-old single man pathetic or genius or both? >> i think it is genius. go down here and annoy these young girls. why not? you have the money to do it now. they ignored you when you were a nerd in college. now you have a couple of coins. girls like coins. why not go down there and waive your combover in their face. >> look at me now. i am ugly, but rich. >> yes, that's my hotel room at the top of the building. >> you can party with these well muscled young men and their fighter buttocs. >> and that gets old fast.
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>> would you like to play my sacks saw phone? >> and have you viagra. you can keep up. >> let's go to lou. >> what do you mean by that? >> for your interesting perspective. you go to mas -- mazatlan every year. should spring break be just for the kids? >> hell no. i think when a man gets to a certain age we bring certain things. >> medical devices. >> tell me more, lou. tell me more. jay i am just trying to thing what we could manufacture. such great memories. i don't know how many would like to hear that. >> this is biology, joanne. you are often hit on by old men, but you also want a man with money. can you complain? >> you know what i need to
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look for? old money. i have been into the new money, the businesses, no. i need plantation owners. >> you and me both. you and me both. i want some old dirty slave money. >> they are getting along now. >> this is why i choose to be single. a lot of the guys in this article are new york guys in their 30s which i think are the ones i am supposed to be dating. one of my favorite quotes, real men don't shoot fish in a barrel. they use their lure. i agree with. >> that was a penis thing, right? >> no, if it was they use their rod. >> what these guys are replicating is what every celebrity does, every male celebrity does. if you are single and in the entertainment business in your 40s this is a normal day 4. this is james franco every
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single day. it is going and picking up on 15-year-old and 17-year-olds. >> on instagram. >> i love that story. we almost did it. maybe we will do it tomorrow. stick around and we will be right back. >> andy, i want an answer from you that isn't as boring as the last one. >> i find it interesting that lou daabs will sit here and talk about how disgusting it is. i i know he goats to cancun this time of year every year. can we see the video? now i am being told the video mysteriously disappeared. well played, sir. as you know i do a lot of charity work and counseling with co-eds. i always tell him stay away from the dudes in their 40s during spring break. they are usually thankful for my advice and honesty so it is win-win. >> you have to talk to the kids.
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i'm on the internet talking to them every day. >> the problem is the parents aren't talking to them. >> some of the parents are the guys hitting on the young girls jie. they need men in their a 30s and 40s educating these co-eds because their parents dropped the ball. >> look at justin bieber's father. >> yes, i have. >> he has a young personality and he is in his 30s. >> joanne just yawned. >> i had an itch. >> that's a side effect. >> now i got an itch. >> there doesn't seem to be lack of education. >> they are having so much fun. how can you say that is bad? >> go black dude. go black dude. >> this is an old cable stand by. >> and this is old footage. >> those moves are so 90s. >> that is andrea mitchell.
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>> that's andrea mitchell. >> i don't know how you can sully this with talk of carnal -- >> this is a sophisticated show. coming up, you finally fall asleep and i am there waiting for you in your dreams. the prom, not this story. we are doing another story about the prom. this is a story that we are doing tomorrow. forget you ever saw this. we are doing a story on the prom.
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>> on a flight of stairs. >> forget you ever said that.
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they made the formal abnormal. as a veteran newsman i try to stay on top of all of the teen trends. the latest one disgusts me. i speak of prom-posals. when students ask each other to the big dance in elaborate ways. it is like writing on store windows or putting on a musical production which ends up on on the local news. >> that's when page knew something was up m. jay how does -- >> how does she know she is yours? >> it was pretty complicated. >> members of the school dance team were in on it. they rehearsed for weeks. >> i just want to throw up. wisely a high school in pennsylvania, they have them there, is putting an end to these attention grabbing stunts after one was mistaken for a fight. the district released a statement explaining students were attempting to outdo each
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other becoming more elaborate. they were causing december ropingses during the -- disruptions during the school day. promposals have been banned. it has not stopped one senior prom goer making a cute video to his girl. >> i condone that. nobody ever says that. i condone that. lou, you once called your high school prom the the greatest day of your life and it has been downhill ever since. what do you think? it is a lot of wasted energy, don't you theng? >> it is wonderful they are being innovative and creative and i wonder what they are going to do when they get to marriage. how will they top that?
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can you imagine being in the class with those folks and trying to figure out how to compete? i would surrender right there. >> everyone else is outdoing each other. it is never a preparation for real life. teenage love never lasts. unless you are 50 and she is a teenager. >> that's a different story. here is what it came from, bullying. they stopped bullying and this is what happened. you have school musical" to take a girl to the prom. three episodes just to take a girl out? >> all of these kids would have been beaten up. >> they would have been pounded into the earth as they should be. >> i don't condone that. >> not everyone. >> i it is a happy median between these crazy, elaborate things. >> the bullies. you have to get the bullies involved. >> go to bully island to find them. that's the great thing about bullying.
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everybody said they were bullied , but nobody admits to being bullied. it is leak they were all on one island. >> did you spend your time crying into your crying shawl? >> how did you know i had a crying shawl? >> i just assumed. >> i unlike all of you heart less gentlemen at the table think this is great because it makes young men be chivalrous which there is not enough of in this world. i am all about this. what i am not all about is having lots of flash mob rehearsals. think about that. if you have like five guy friends and you are the 6th guy and he is like i'm not going to prom. no, i need you to reherse my flash mob. i will do it for yours. >> anybody doing that mop for a girl is -- that much for a girl is a gay dude. get your moves right, five, six, seven, eight. >> do you think that's a tipoff?
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if the date to your prom is creating a flash mob to ask you to the prom -- >> you know what i asked my date to the prom with? a pregnancy scare. she had a pregnancy scare so that's my girl. >> and you said chivalry is dead. >> i was mistaken obviously. >> you ain't pregnant, right? okay we going the. >> terrible. you took your cats to the prom which was nice. but you left your mother at home which was terrible. is this trend healthy or harmful? >> what does the first part have to do with the second part? >> greg, as you know i do a lot of charity work and counseling with female high school seniors. one of the things i tell them is stay away from the dudes into elaborate promposals. it is win-win. i am totally in faff of schools banning these -- in
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schools banning these things. >> proms in general. kids don't go to the prom as couples. they just hang out in groups. >> they are stupid. can you tell i gint go to my prom. >> we have the shore house afterward and you are all excited for the weekend, but not really the prom. >> who did you go to the prom with? >> junior prom was an ex-boyfriend at the time. we were still ends from. >> he is actually here. the other was another boyfriend. >> it was pauly shore. and then who was the current one? >> one of the jonas brothers. or am i? >> attention-seeking behavior is inversely proportional to the success you have later in life. isn't that true? >> says the guy on tv. >> i was obscure. i was an obscure teenager. bill gates didn't have this elaborate bonanza of silliness.
11:27 pm
>> oh bonanza. i like that word. >> on the other hand liberace looked for attention and he became very famous. >> i am just saying people who act out in high school you end up no where. it is the quiet kids. >> everybody who was singing in every musical in high school and think they will be big time, they don't make it no where. >> same with the jock. >> i was in a musical. >> not you. you are doing it. >> but i did have back brace. >> i don't know if it is called making it yet, joanne. >> i am trying to flatter you all right now. >> coming up, the c block. tonight's c block is sponsored by vulcanized rubber. it is rubber that has been converted into a more durable form with the addition of sulfur or other accelerators. thanks, vulcanized, rubber. greg, if i am rubber it makes you glue. very funny, vulcanized
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rubber. >> i was invented in the 19th century. >> that's old. >> i know. i have the same birthday as larry king. if only i had that many wives. get out of here, rubber. your jokes are stale. should baseball players be allowed to take paternity leave? maybe they should have stopped at third base.
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they don't believe in paternity leave. that's the topic of tonight's "red eye" debate, 2014, live from the" red eye" debate center. >> welcome to the "red eye" debate center in tallahassee, florida,. i am greg gutfeld, host of the "red eye" debate. no flash photography. he is catching flak for missing the first two games of the season while being on paternity leave. some thought his absence was as as -- assanine. >> assuming your wife is fine and the baby is fine. 24 hours. you stay there. baby is good. you have a good support system for the mom and the baby. you get your ass back to your team and play baseball.
11:33 pm
>> frankly i would have -- >> go ahead. >> i would have said c section before the season starts and i need to be at opening day. this is what makes our money and this is how we are going to live our life. this will give my child an opportunity to be successful. i can afford any college i want to send my college to because i am a baseball player. >> the manager defended his decision saying he saw loued to be there. the rules say he can be there and there is nothing wrong with it. he missed two games. it is not like he missed 10. somebody is being very defensive. lou, where do you stand on this? yeah, go and see the lady have a baby, but then head on back. what is with the two days? >> i think frankly if you are there in the early innings, that's quite enough. >> it is just like baseball. show up late and leave early. >> the fact of the matter is contribution is limited and so is your time. let's move on with the career. >> exactly.
11:34 pm
sherrod, i actually thought boomer had a good point. my job is to provide and make money and not be there. you can show up. >> i love boomer and i love those guys. shut your face. shut your face. it is his first kid. it is two games in the beginning of the season. stop being a neanderthal, dumb, dumb. >> i can't believe you are arguing with a progressive male. >> and you said dumb, dumb. >> first of all, it is two games and second of all, it is the mets! practice? we might as well practice. let him off. >> different because it is 16 games? >> if it was the playoffs and if it was october, your wife would give you 24 hours and you get back to the game. the beginning of the season, but who is this much of a baseball nazi he can't be there for his daughter's birth? relax. >> i am no baseball genius although sometimes you think i am. isn't it true that the mets are so bad and no matter if
11:35 pm
daniel murphy plays or not -- >> you don't have to be a genius to know the mets suck. >> you need a pulse. >> 31. >> terry collins said he missed two games. it is 162-game season. again it wasn't like the mets are in a playoff race. and there is so much we don't know. we don't know how murphy's wife was feeling. maybe she had postpartum depression. maybe she really wanted her husband around. >> there may have been a complication. >> a lot of fathers don't want any responsibility for their off spring, well good for him for taking fatherhood as important. >> enough about me. >> i i don't want to make it racial. >> you almost changed my mind. there are things we don't know that might be going on. i have a feeling, joanne, you don't care one way or the other because you hate children. >> i don't want to say hate children. i just don't understand them.
11:36 pm
>> they are small and scary. >> and complicated. >> i don't know why these radio hosts are getting so upset. especially when the manager for the team comes in and says it is fine. it is within his boundaries to do that. his wife is probably so upset. so many of these wives are so supportive of their husbands because they are aware of the lifestyle it gives them and their families, and the lives it can create because they have professional athletes as husbands. she is probably so upset he is missing his opening day. >> that's a good point. >> and she is blamed for it. >> she is probably like stay in. but when the baby wants to come out i hear that's what they want to do. >> he is back playing with the team and the next time you see the baby is when he is two years old. >> we came to no conclusion. except it is unfair to single people you get time off for paternity leave and i don't just because i -- you know i'm not having a kid. >> we have like aa orie has
11:37 pm
been. >> there are different ways out of work. >> the next topic. the new alladin musical, two things that when you put together make me sick, on broadway and doesn't have performers of middle eastern heritage. it got us to thinking -- >> is this racist? >> i didn't know that. >> look at that. the musical which opened last month has been criticized after a rumor started circulating. >> that's all dominicans playing arabs. >> the 34-member cast had not a single arab-american actor. >> that's ridiculous. >> and it doesn't include tony shalub. thank you, cameraman. the claim can neither beacon officialed nor denied due to the color-blind casting. >> you seem excited and animated or you are peaking on the drug you took. >> that was two hours ago.
11:38 pm
listen, when i read the story i said okay. i didn't read the whole story. i will be honest. i said i hope they got the arabs in it. if they don't have arabs in the musical, it will be a problem. and there is not one money -- come on. you are doing roots the musical? >> there were no real cats. >> that's why i didn't go see it. the cat union needs to get behind me. come on. it is wrong. >> i believe lou that the alladin tale is western in tradition. i am not sure, but i think it is a western tradition. >> what i find amazing, at the same time as there are no arab americans in this cast apparently, they are complaining about the stereo types that #r* portrayed in the cast. therefore what we are hearing is an argument about them seeking the stereo typical roles they recent.
11:39 pm
>> we don't like the rolls. >> that's the way you work. if i have to play a thug in the street. >> little people, the little person hated to be in the miley cyrus video and be on stage, but little people, that's the role you get. >> you have to eat and work as an actor and performer and sometimes you have to take these roles. >> i have a feeling that maybe middle eastern people were not cast in the musical because they couldn't belt the high g or hit the triple pouroette. they have to be a member. when they addition the casting will want to cast somebody who looks the part. but they also need to cast people who will sell tickets, the ones who can perform. the only thing i am nervous about this article with people being so outraged is what is next? you can't do the wiz?
11:40 pm
sherrod. >> you can't if you have a white dorothy. >> then you just do "the wizard of oz." >> you can't ease on down the road. >> i actually in a talent show i did a dance. >> you used color-blind casting when you helped mentor teens. >> i have a strict color-blind policy. i don't care what your race, religion or ethnicity is to me. >> i get so heated about this. why is it never like a person of ethnicity playing a white role and you say they are color-blind. >> hang on. let me get to that. there was a study done about that. it showed that roles that could have been filled by any performer of any background almost always went to white actors.
11:41 pm
mean whg minorities were cast they were only cast for those needing that minority. >> even a white person played cleo pat trough, the african queen. >> they can fit them in in a certain way. they can play a wider range of types. >> i didn't realize this was going to be a heated argument. in general i hate musicals. >> they are the human creation of a migraine. i don't understand how people can go and have people sing at them. >> shoot me in the heart right now. >> i don't like anything. >> time for a break. >> i love aba. if you don't feel it in your heart, all of a sudden he turns around and goes -- amazing. greatest thing
11:42 pm
ever. this saturday 7:00 p.m. eastern c-span 2 is airing an event i did last week at the bush presidential center in dallas. we talked about my book. don't forget "not cool" is number five on the "new york times" best seller list. and the tour resumes later today. i will be in grand rapids, michigan. stop by and say hello. go to g to find a tire and schedule.
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>> i will take uncomfortable moments on two. it gets awkward when trebek interviewed somebody on the
11:46 pm
show. he will make a dawment tree about sweatshop labor. apparently he thinks it is great. we have footage. a video daily double. >> to try to put a face on who makes our clothes. maybe you can find out the names of the 8-year-olds who made your fancy suit there, alex. was that a low blow? >> nailed him, finally. >> is this guy rude or gut see or both? lou, should trebek punch him in the face and say here is your daily double, you freak? >> no, i think he has to point out that there are a hundred documentaries made and the sweatshops still exist and the middle class of this country are screwed because of ernest young guys who don't know what they are talking about and don't care about the impact. >> that's true. that's the first thing they do. i am doing a documentary on child labor, and then nothing happens. >> no. here we are 50 years later and
11:47 pm
people are doing documentaries on sweatshops and being sanctimonious. >> i want to start a company and employ children. >> i do documentaries using shield labor. >> people say the shaky camera -- it wasn't a choice. >> what do you make of this? >> the guy is an a-hole. can i say that? he just has to knock alex trebek down a couple notches. he has been riding that horse a longtime. >> he is a nice fellow. >> he is uppity. >> i love him. i watch him every night. >> i spent an afternoon with him and he was glorious. >> was he? >> it is weird. the only issue is the missing mustache. >> oh yeah. he forgot who he was talking to. you don't speak to alex trebek like that. it is respect. this guy is -- -- this guy is the guy at the party that comments on the fact you are drinking too much. or one of us this evening
11:48 pm
probability wise will contract an std. he is that guy. >> what a is your carbon footprint? dork. >> he is a guy that does -- doesn't know when to shut up and he tries to impress others, andy, with his caring bone-fides. >> i thought he was cool. >> i like your suit there, andy. >> who made your suit? >> i don't care. >> they have to work. >> they did a good job. >> trebek handled it well. he actually saved it. it could have been super, super awkward. he diffused the whole thing. it goes to show that he is a legend. >> he is a pro. he is a pro. >> the shock on his face said it all. >> on child labor, is this really as bad as the documentaries claim, lou? i don't know. >> i don't know. all of my suits are made in manhattan. >> mine too, matter of fact. i don't want kids working in
11:49 pm
terrible conditions. i just want kids to work. work is fun. i get that if conditions are bad it is not a good thing. >> he handled it better than michael richards. >> that is true. that's a safe bet. we should play them back to back. >> poor michael richards. >> i am not going to let it. >> coming up, do blondes get better tips? that's the final story. what does everything mean to you?
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up to 5x faster than dsl from the phone company. and our phone's better too. switch to comcast business internet. then add voice and tv for just $34.90 more per month. time to make the call. 800-501-6000 comcast business. built for business. hannity. it is a spring break festival. it is going to be quite interesting. >> i like that. >> i'm creeped out. the next "red eye" we have bob bob -- bob beckel and the shaggin wagon. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> a lot of b's. will you get more bread if you
11:54 pm
wear something red? researchers show customers at restaurants don't necessarily reward good service when they tip. it is other random crap they respond to. 24r* are six proven ways for getting better gratuities. they advise touching a customer's hand. having blonde hair. drawing your smiley face on the check, but only if you are a woman. wearing a hair bough rete, crouching next to the table, wearing red and bursting into tears when anyone asks for salt. lou is this advice helpful? >> it was to me. i now know when i am being played for sure. >> you are never going to ruby tuesday's ever again, will you? >> it is amazing. andy, you never tip. why is that? >> i think whatever money the restaurant pays you, that's the money you earn.
11:55 pm
>> what is this russia? >> we are wrapping for one fell law. >> andy, back to you. say something. >> i will pretend to disagree with what sherrod just said. >> they said they are starting these new no tipping restaurants. i think it is a great idea. we will be able to figure out if the service is any worse. it used to be no, you have to tip. >> why would anyone give good service if they have a salary. when you ask for your therd re-- your third recook, i will not get it for you. seriously. >> is that all you have done? >> i haven't. i have needed that tip. when someone tells a terrible joke, i am not going to laugh at it. i don't have to. i just have to take your order
11:56 pm
and give you your food. >> i am over this tgi friday's. >> you start slinging them at people. >> sherrod, what does it take for you to leave a large tip? >> it will take me having sex with the waitress. i always leave big tips. i already know people think black people ain't giving a tip. even in a cab, here is $7. pick up the next black dude. >> you are paying it forward. >> are you falling into the trap. white people got together and said let's startling everyone that black people don't tip because then they will tip more. you fell for that. >> they got me. it is the white man's tricks. i have been falling for them for years. >> we are not even on the air. we have been robbing your house. we just took everything. >> what are they going to do, take your stuff back? is.
11:57 pm
>> joanne, sherrod small, tv's andy levy and the great lou daabs, thank you for enduring us. that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. see you next time. locator.
11:58 pm
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we'll keep you posted with updates throughout the evening. i am harris faulkner. now huckabee. does the president's numbers really add up? no amount of money will bring my daughter back. >> dpshgs m. >> i believe this is criminal. the sister of one victim tells her story. plus, are wall street traders rigging the system? ♪


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